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Pure products of the Greek land

The Grecials are all the pure, high nutritional value products of Greece together. It is the fertile and rich Greek land, its summer sun, and the exquisite agri-food products that are born in this unique natural environment and travel around the world, honoring the history and traditions of every Greek corner.

With absolute respect to consumers we choose for them the best products from all over Greece, prepared with natural and environmentally friendly methods and we make sure that their high nutritional value and excellent flavors travel unchanged throughout the world.

The Grecials products were born through our deep love for the Greek land, the over 70 years of successful activity of our parent company “SEKE SA” in the agricultural sector of Greece, our great export experience, and our cooperative culture, which enhances our sensitivities for everything natural and environmentally friendly, the consumer and the producer himself.

Our advantage is our principles!

We always choose the highest quality products from the best and most reliable producers and local cooperatives, utilizing in the best way our experience and deep knowledge of the agri-food production map in Greece.

We offer pure and nutritious products at competitive prices.

We support the use of traditional methods by adhering to the adoption of strict cultivation protocols.

We actively support sustainable development and the observance of good agricultural practices by producers for the protection of the environment and the local ecosystem.

Our products are fully tested for their quality and organoleptic characteristics and are accompanied by all the necessary quality certificates and results of chemical analyzes.

Our goal is your service

Our goal is always to satisfy to the maximum extent every desire of our customers to enjoy pure Greek products wherever they are on Earth.

We would like to invite you to contact us to ask us for any valuable product of the Greek land that suits your needs.

It will be our pleasure to serve you.

Thank you for visiting us.

The Grecials


Selected products from small producers who cultivate the Greek land with passion and dedication to quality, purity, and tradition. Know their origins and feel the difference before you even try The Grecials.